What Kind Of Books Are Ideal For Young Children?

Books are always considered as the best companion of children; the content written inside helps little kids to be familiar with the complex nature of different languages. If you want to see the development of special skills in your little child, then it becomes important to bring some nice books for him/her that can assist in a good learning experience. Below are a few books that one must offer to children during early learning stages:

Picture Storybooks:

These books contain lots of illustrations and text that can help children to formulate a clear idea about the story. The colourful artwork supports the hidden storylines and delivers additional information in a much more interesting and creative manner. During their pre-school years, the picture storybooks works like some of the most loved books for kids.

Participation Books:

Here is another type of interesting storybooks that can be used to indulge little children into a creative task. One has to follow instructions provided on the pages and act accordingly such as clapping, covering their eyes and touching toes, nose etc. It improves interactions and help the child to discover new things for entertainment.

Patterned concept books:

Such books are useful for understanding themes, relationships and ideas where different examples support statements or words. It helps students to develop a clear idea about concepts and strong patterns as well as how rhythms work to support context during reading.

Predictable Books:

The professionals at child care centres in Singapore have realised that predictable books help students to boost their reading experience with the help of repetitive phrases, patterned languages, predictable storyline etc. It makes some sense of the pattern to club sentences together in order to form a complete storyline and child care centres in Singapore guide students to repeat some elements from stories so that their skills can be updated.

Wordless Books:

Wordless books usually contain very little or no text but they are often used to tell real stories. Readers need to predict concepts and messages out of the pictures by evaluating expressions and other details carefully. Such wonderful experiences boost the abilities of the students to focus on story sequences and interpret various interesting things out of bookish language. Some of these books are meant for developing minds whereas some superior ones are designed for older children.


Poetry is one of the most creative things that a child can learn during his initial learning stage. The collections of different poems that are written under unique themes and describe the amazing idea of author are really helpful for learning creative skills. Here, students also find opportunities to play with sound, rhymes and playful words that also work for boosting awareness by different means.

Alphabet Books:

When your kid starts recognizing letters then it is the right time to introduce him to the world of alphabets and counting etc. There are a huge range of special alphabet books available in the market that can assists young minds to begin with letter recognition and it is often followed by creative artwork, interesting objects such as flowers, oceans, fruits, colours, animals and vegetables etc. Such books work like building blocks for child education and must be provided to little kids at an early stage.

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