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It’s Never Too Early To Teach Kids to Self Regulate Their Time

Many parents think that success only means that their kids should do well academically. However, along with academic excellence, it is also important how well they can get their work done within time. A study conducted in Canada has recently highlighted that students who are in secondary or higher grades would love to tell the younger students two important things. These are to improve their self-discipline and do proper time management. In fact, if these disciplines are ingrained right from childhood, when the kids are in playgroup Singapore or elsewhere, there is nothing like it.

Take a look at the following tips that can help your kids self-regulate their time.

Make a proper schedule in the calendar for their homework and other assignments

Calendars are frequently used even today to record future appointments or due dates, However, that can mislead your kids at times to know the time that is available for playing their games, schoolwork and any other work. Instead, you can guide your little one to break down their projects into smaller tasks, each of which should not take more than half an hour to ninety minutes. These tasks can then be scheduled in a calendar.

Right tools for time management can make all the difference

According to the results of a recent study, about 87 percent of the students who participated in it, responded that they feel skills for managing time is critical. However, on the flip side, about 43 percent of students admitted that they do not have the necessary confidence in them. In order to practice effective time management, your kids should have the necessary tools with them. Such tools can be calendars, timers, watches and clocks.

If your kids are younger, agendas issued from their schools and planners can be quite effective. You can motivate them to observe the monthly view so that time appears to be less abstract. In case your kids are older, you can tell to use the calendar app on their handphones.

Designate a dedicated study zone so that your kids can concentrate without being disturbed

Multi-tasking may not be a reality. In fact, you can achieve much more when you focus on a single task at a given point of time. You can dedicate a peaceful environment for studying, which can enhance your little one’s concentration skills. While some kids may like to study in complete silence, there are others who can concentrate better with some music playing in the background. While some children can work and sit independently, there will be others whom the parents need to give reminders to continue with their work. In case you find that your little one is unable to complete the home task within a specific time, you need to re-examine, cross check and adjust the environment where they study.