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How to prepare yourself for the first week at preschool

Putting a toddler in pre-school is more unnerving for the parents than for the kids. The child, who has been brought up in a protected environment so far, is going to face the unknown world. Parents become apprehensive about each and every detail of the child. They worry about their safety, behaviour, food, and everything else that can be worried about. It is really important for the parents to be in control of the situation, otherwise they will end up intimidating the child.

Given below are some tips that can help the parents in preparing for the first week at preschool:

* Don’t rush: It’s best to let the child sleep early the previous night so that he can wake up on time. Do not rush him. Just chill, relax and take deep breaths while trying to get the child ready. You really do not want to see him throw tantrums, which are too difficult to control.
* Arrive a little early: It would be a good idea to bring your child early to the school. That way, the child will have some time to get adjusted to the new environment. He might also end up making some new friends.
* Send his favourite toy: Usually kids are attached to some of their toys, which help in comforting them. So, send his favourite toy with him so that he can cling on to it, if he feels insecure or scared in the new settings. Once things are settled, he will let go of the toy by himself.
* Try to look happy and cheerful: Sometimes, emotions are contagious and kids grasp these emotions from their parents quickly. Try to exude confidence and happiness, so that the child also feels happy and confident.
* Give him some space: For the initial few days, it would be good to hang around in the pre-school, so that the child feels secure. But, try to give him some space so that he gets a chance to mingle with other kids and the teacher, and develops a comfort zone.
* Exit, without much ado: Do not prolong your good-byes. Better to keep them short, otherwise the child will start getting emotional. Also, do not sneak away from the child when he is looking elsewhere. Develop trust in the child.

While some kids take very little time to adjust to the new surroundings, a lot of kids do take a longer time. But, this should not make you worried. A good preschool in Singapore will put your child at ease very soon.

What Kind Of Books Are Ideal For Young Children?

Books are always considered as the best companion of children; the content written inside helps little kids to be familiar with the complex nature of different languages. If you want to see the development of special skills in your little child, then it becomes important to bring some nice books for him/her that can assist in a good learning experience. Below are a few books that one must offer to children during early learning stages:

Picture Storybooks:

These books contain lots of illustrations and text that can help children to formulate a clear idea about the story. The colourful artwork supports the hidden storylines and delivers additional information in a much more interesting and creative manner. During their pre-school years, the picture storybooks works like some of the most loved books for kids.

Participation Books:

Here is another type of interesting storybooks that can be used to indulge little children into a creative task. One has to follow instructions provided on the pages and act accordingly such as clapping, covering their eyes and touching toes, nose etc. It improves interactions and help the child to discover new things for entertainment.

Patterned concept books:

Such books are useful for understanding themes, relationships and ideas where different examples support statements or words. It helps students to develop a clear idea about concepts and strong patterns as well as how rhythms work to support context during reading.

Predictable Books:

The professionals at child care centres in Singapore have realised that predictable books help students to boost their reading experience with the help of repetitive phrases, patterned languages, predictable storyline etc. It makes some sense of the pattern to club sentences together in order to form a complete storyline and child care centres in Singapore guide students to repeat some elements from stories so that their skills can be updated.

Wordless Books:

Wordless books usually contain very little or no text but they are often used to tell real stories. Readers need to predict concepts and messages out of the pictures by evaluating expressions and other details carefully. Such wonderful experiences boost the abilities of the students to focus on story sequences and interpret various interesting things out of bookish language. Some of these books are meant for developing minds whereas some superior ones are designed for older children.


Poetry is one of the most creative things that a child can learn during his initial learning stage. The collections of different poems that are written under unique themes and describe the amazing idea of author are really helpful for learning creative skills. Here, students also find opportunities to play with sound, rhymes and playful words that also work for boosting awareness by different means.

Alphabet Books:

When your kid starts recognizing letters then it is the right time to introduce him to the world of alphabets and counting etc. There are a huge range of special alphabet books available in the market that can assists young minds to begin with letter recognition and it is often followed by creative artwork, interesting objects such as flowers, oceans, fruits, colours, animals and vegetables etc. Such books work like building blocks for child education and must be provided to little kids at an early stage.

Why Parents Should Encourage Co-curricular Activities To Children

As the popular saying goes, “€œAll work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”€ so it is the mission of every parent to bring about all-round development of their children. Every child should take part in co-curricular activities right from the preschool learning age. The modern education system focuses on the prime genres of the learning process comprising of psychomotor, logical analysis, reasoning and emotional learning. Hence, choosing among the best preschools in Singapore will depend largely on considering this factor.

The education system you are putting your child into has greater significance in bestowing overall development of the child including social, mental, physical, intellectual and moral development. Considering the wider objectives and deep-rooted significance of all these factors, the co-curricular activities have been streamlined alongside the regular academic learning for the all round development of children from early stage.

What are Co-curricular Activities?

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the education that is not bound by classroom teachings, reading, writing, etc. The co-curricular activities do not impose a restriction on the child to sit in a regular classroom for learning. Many of them are outdoor events and many events take place within the school premises. Participation in such events helps to grow newer skill sets allowing more options for the children to shape up their future.

Nowadays, several schools have mandatory provisions for different co-curricular activities and include separate classes for drawing, singing, dancing, drama, fine arts, etc. Apart from these, there are regular play sessions at least once or twice a week. The major preschools in Singapore organize annual sports competitions, debates, quiz, etc.

Importance of Co-curricular Activities in Growth and Development

Many co-curricular activities are optional for the children. Allowing the child to choose from different events will help him understand his interests and talent to plan the future.

Events like debates and quiz competitions help in expanding the knowledge of the children beyond regular classroom lessons. Participation in debates helps to improve oration skills, gain inner confidence of keeping own viewpoints and gather knowledge on different topics.

The sporting events and physical exercising is important for every child from the preschool age to gain fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Many parents think that co-curricular activities are an extra burden, taking a lot of efforts on the part of their children and causing distraction from studies. Active participation of children in such activities actually supports the all-round development with passing time. It has been found several times, that those students who participated in events like sports, debates, creative arts, music, dance and other competitions are more active, intelligent and healthy. They are more likely to perform with excellence than those who do not participate in co-curricular activities.

The parents need to play an important role in encouraging the children to participate in co-curricular events from an early preschool age. This will help to eliminate shyness, nervousness and lack of confidence. If you are looking for admission into one of the best preschools in Singapore, it is better to enquire well in advance whether the organization has enough arrangements for different co-curricular programs.

Advantages of joining Mandarin playgroup

It is often seen that the children of Chinese people living in the Singapore face difficulty in learning education due to the language difference. Moreover, most of the playgroups teach English language rather than Mandarin, a Chinese language. So a Mandarin playgroup can provide a solution to this problem. There are also other advantages of joining Mandarin playgroup like:

Chinese culture:-

If your child will attend playgroup, then he will gain knowledge about the Chinese culture. Your child will able to understand how Mandarin functions in the Chinese society. He or she will also become familiar with the beliefs and traditions of Chinese culture. The playgroup activities will also teach him or her about the most popular festivals of China.

Sharpness of mind:-

According to a research conducted in Britain, the both sides of the brain are utilized by the people for understanding the Mandarin Chinese. Thus your child will have more brain power. It is also found in different educational researches that children who can write Chinese language are great scholars of Mathematics. So there are chances that your child can become brilliant mathematician.

Stay connected with Chinese community:-

Your child will remain connected with the people of his own society by learning Mandarin in the playgroup. He or she will be able to communicate with his Chinese friends in a convenient manner. Your child will not feel shy while attending any function of Chinese community.

Comfort level:-

When your child will go to playgroup and see the children of his own community, he or she will feel comfortable in a new environment. The child will learn many things while having a lot of fun with his likeminded companions. It is advisable to visit playgroup with your child before the first day so that he or she can get acquainted with new atmosphere.


Your child will also learn manners by going to the playgroup such as how to behave with your elders, how to cooperate with each other etc. He or she will also be taught discipline there. Your child will also gain self-confidence and would be able to explain his point of view in a better way.


The playgroup activities will make your child run, climb, etc., thus developing motor skills in him or her. The interactive games will help in improving physical growth as well as balance. When your child will learn scissor-cutting and other art and craft activities, the creativity will be inculcated in him or her.


It has been observed that there are many jobs for bilingual people. Thus, they can have a great career in the business area. The children can secure their future by learning Mandarin. If they want, they can also become a teacher of Chinese language and teach it to others.

As you can see, there are many benefits of joining Mandarin playgroup, so you should start preparing your child for it. You should tell him or her how exciting it is going to the playgroup.