Advantages of joining Mandarin playgroup

It is often seen that the children of Chinese people living in the Singapore face difficulty in learning education due to the language difference. Moreover, most of the playgroups teach English language rather than Mandarin, a Chinese language. So a Mandarin playgroup can provide a solution to this problem. There are also other advantages of joining Mandarin playgroup like:

Chinese culture:-

If your child will attend playgroup, then he will gain knowledge about the Chinese culture. Your child will able to understand how Mandarin functions in the Chinese society. He or she will also become familiar with the beliefs and traditions of Chinese culture. The playgroup activities will also teach him or her about the most popular festivals of China.

Sharpness of mind:-

According to a research conducted in Britain, the both sides of the brain are utilized by the people for understanding the Mandarin Chinese. Thus your child will have more brain power. It is also found in different educational researches that children who can write Chinese language are great scholars of Mathematics. So there are chances that your child can become brilliant mathematician.

Stay connected with Chinese community:-

Your child will remain connected with the people of his own society by learning Mandarin in the playgroup. He or she will be able to communicate with his Chinese friends in a convenient manner. Your child will not feel shy while attending any function of Chinese community.

Comfort level:-

When your child will go to playgroup and see the children of his own community, he or she will feel comfortable in a new environment. The child will learn many things while having a lot of fun with his likeminded companions. It is advisable to visit playgroup with your child before the first day so that he or she can get acquainted with new atmosphere.


Your child will also learn manners by going to the playgroup such as how to behave with your elders, how to cooperate with each other etc. He or she will also be taught discipline there. Your child will also gain self-confidence and would be able to explain his point of view in a better way.


The playgroup activities will make your child run, climb, etc., thus developing motor skills in him or her. The interactive games will help in improving physical growth as well as balance. When your child will learn scissor-cutting and other art and craft activities, the creativity will be inculcated in him or her.


It has been observed that there are many jobs for bilingual people. Thus, they can have a great career in the business area. The children can secure their future by learning Mandarin. If they want, they can also become a teacher of Chinese language and teach it to others.

As you can see, there are many benefits of joining Mandarin playgroup, so you should start preparing your child for it. You should tell him or her how exciting it is going to the playgroup.

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