Choose A Bus Service Over Cabs

How many times have you faced a situation where hailing a taxi has proven to be less than successful? During peak hours in Melbourne, getting hold of a cab can be next to impossible, what with everyone rushing to fight for the limited vacant ones available. When you do manage to get hold of a taxi, the fares charged are too high, especially when taken from the airport to the city. In fact, recent surveys have suggested that cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are among the most expensive when it comes to cab facilities, costing even more than taxis in New York and London.

So why would anyone want to spend so much money for a single taxi ride, when there are other, much convenient options available? If you’re looking for a ride in Melbourne, why not make use of bus services instead?

Rising popularity

Shuttle buses in the city have been gaining a steady rise in popularity. The ticket fares are reasonable, but that is only part of the reason why it has been attracting so many travelers. The convenience of having a bus readily available makes it easier for people who are planning on visiting the city. Pre-booking can be done, either via calls or online on their respective websites, where any information regarding the service can be looked up. Queries such as bus timings, pick-up locations and bus routes are also easily available. Cab drivers may take passengers on a spin, picking the longest routes in order to exact more money from them. But with a bus’ pre-determined route, travelers can find out exactly how much the journey would cost them.

Moreover, fares for adults and children are different. So if you’re traveling with a child, chances are that the fee for your journey will add up to a whole lot less. Added to that, these services provide passengers with various offers and discounts quite frequently, that can help save up a lot when you’re planning a tour of the city. Taking a shuttle bus from Melbourne airport to the city can thus be a lot more cost effective as compared to taking a cab.

Shuttle buses are a comfortable way of commuting in the city. With enough room for around twenty to thirty people, the service looks out for all their passengers, ensuring their satisfaction with an easy tour of the city.